Meet the owners!

99 Fast Food Restaurant, widely known as Pho 99, was originally opened in downtown Buffalo across from City Hall in 1999. We remain the longest running, most popular, and highest rated Pho restaurant on Yelp! and Urban Spoon in Buffalo.

In 2013, the business’ ownership was transferred to partners Ky Pham and Minh Tran, but the recipes and food remain of high quality and as authentic as it had ever been.

We believe in two things: great food and customer satisfaction. At Pho 99, we strive to bring you the most authentic and traditional Vietnamese dishes and a smile on your face. Our original delicious recipes, prepared with the freshest ingredients by chefs with over 13 years of experience, are guaranteed to fulfill your oriental cravings. Along with fast and friendly service, our casual dining environment will quickly make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Accompanied by a variety of patrons ranging from University students, VA hospital staff, local families to visitors from out of town, your dining experience will surely be memorable.

What Is Pho?

A bowl of pho with traditional accompaniments.

A bowl of pho with traditional accompaniments.

Pho (pronounced fuh?) is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of rice noodles, broth, meat, and a side of herbs and vegetables. At 99, we specialize in creating the most authentic home-made Pho experience you will ever encounter. Made fresh every morning with top-quality ingredients, our broth slowly develops over the course of 6 hours until it reaches perfection. The broth is made of beef stock, but your choice of meat includes rare beef, brisket, beef meatballs, tripe, tendon, shrimp, chicken, pork, or tofu. Or if meat is not your thing, it’s not uncommon to enjoy a bowl of Pho without any meat at all.

However, traditionally, it is served with beef. One of the most famous types of Pho is called Pho Tai, served with rare beef sliced so thin that it cooks right before your eyes right inside of your bowl to retain the juiciest and sweetest flavor. Those who are a bit daring are invited to try our Pho Dac Biet, which consists of everything, from the rare beef to cooked brisket, beef meatballs, chewy beef tendon, to the exotic texture of beef tripe. Also, every bowl includes a side of fresh veggies: bean sprouts, Thai basil, recao, lime and jalapeno peppers. For a more intense flavor, hoisin sauce and spicy siracha is provided on every table.